News: Envision Accepting Pre-Orders for Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with AI Software to Assist the Visually Impaired

Computer vision is a key component in enabling augmented reality experiences, but now it can help give sight to the blind as well. In this case, that assistance comes from Envision, developers of mobile apps for iOS and Android that use optical character recognition (OCR) and object detection to provide an audio description of the user's surroundings.

News: We Went to the Google Glass Film Festival—Don't Expect Glass-Made Movies Anytime Soon

It was a chilly but otherwise beautiful night at YouTube Spaces LA—food trucks, ping pong, a photo booth, and the chance to view film school projects created completely with Glass. About a year ago, the Glass Creative Partnership was formed to explore how Glass could be used in filmmaking, with partnerships spanning from the American Film Institute to CalArts and UCLA. On July 16, 2014, the products of that partnership were screened under the Southern California night sky. Three films were sh...

How To: New Update Adds Big Changes to MyGlass App

Google has updated the MyGlass application for Android, fixing several bugs, redesigning the user interface, and including a feature to allow Explorers to share Google Maps locations from their device to their Glass. If you haven't updated yet, do so now, then follow along as we go through it. Redesigned User Interface

News: Doctor Says Google Glass Saved His Patient's Life

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the practical uses of Google Glass. Sure, you can use them for translating text instantly or further engraining yourself in social media, but how about saving someone's life? That's precisely what Dr. Steven Horng of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has says happened with a recent patient of his. After launching a Google Glass pilot program late last year, the device was seen as a critical factor in saving the life of a patient in January.

News: Google Adds Serious Style to Glass with New Partnership

They may not be the coolest looking things in the world, but Google is addressing some of the shortcomings of its Glass hardware by announcing a partnership with Luxottica Group. The company, with over 5000 retail stores in the US, has a strong portfolio of brands under its belt, including Amette, Persol, Ray-Ban, and Vogue. And for this Glass Explorer, the news is welcomed with open arms. Admittedly, these bad boys have come a long way over the past couple of years, just take a look at the i...

News: Want to Explore with Google Glass? Now's Your Chance

With all signs pointing to a late-2014 release of Google Glass, the company is opening up their Explorer program to the masses. If you're a US resident who is at least 18 years old, sign up right now to be a part of the initiative. It seems as if Google is really expanding the program, as invites are being sent out in masses. I'm happy to report that I received mine this morning, as did a slew of others. So, ready to explore? Sign up, become as early adopter, and stay with us for all the late...

How To: Google Is Now Accepting Applications for Adventurous Glass Explorers: What Would You Do If You Had Glass?

Google Glass, the augmented reality head-mounted display, has sent ripples through the technology world ever since its inception in 2012—even warranting Time Magazine to recognize it as one of the "Best Inventions of the Year 2012". Today, Google announced that it’s now opening up an exclusive opportunity to become a Glass Explorer. What this entails is that if you're chosen to be a Glass Explorer, you'll have the opportunity to purchase one Glass device, long before it becomes available to t...

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