News: Daily Show Highlights Public Perception of Glass Explorers

Daily Show Highlights Public Perception of Glass Explorers

They say that behind every joke is a half-truth. If that adage itself contains a grain of verity, the Daily Show's satirical Glass piece should raise a few eyebrows amongst the Glass Explorer community.

As with everything Comedy Central's comedic news show produces, yesterday's segment was markedly tongue-in-cheek. It does, however, touch on a more serious issue for Explorers—the public's perception of Glass wearers and the implications of a hands-free recording device.

In most states, public videotaping is perfectly legal—if you're in public, you're eligible to be recorded. But, a familiar face in that Daily Show segment reminds us that laws and societal standards aren't always in perfect alignment.

In a February incident, Explorer Sarah Slocum was allegedly assaulted at a San Francisco bar for refusing to stop recording and remove her Google Glass.

Slocum recorded a video of the incident (which itself, probably contributed to most of the agitation), and it shows how the public-at-large can be weary of the new technology and its privacy implications.

WARNING: Profanity

Google calls its Glass early adopters "Explorers" for a reason—we're truly navigating uncharted waters. While Slocum does appear to have the law on her side, consideration and manners should play a big role in your interactions with other folks while wearing Glass.

I've only had Glass for a few weeks myself, so I'm still trying to strike that delicate balance between enjoying such a great product while still keeping others around me in consideration. So far, when I'm in public, I make sure to remove Glass when I'm speaking directly to a person. I think of it more like just being polite—a gesture not unlike removing one's hat when entering a building.

It's a delicate situation that's still evolving, but a little consideration will always go a long way.

What are some measures you've taken to remain considerate to the people around you while wearing Glass? Have you encountered any sticky situations like Slocum's? Let us know in the comments section below.

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