How To: New Update Adds Big Changes to MyGlass App

New Update Adds Big Changes to MyGlass App

Google has updated the MyGlass application for Android, fixing several bugs, redesigning the user interface, and including a feature to allow Explorers to share Google Maps locations from their device to their Glass. If you haven't updated yet, do so now, then follow along as we go through it.

Redesigned User Interface

Compartmentalizing a bit, Google has broken up Device, Contacts, Glassware Gallery, and Active Glassware into separate sections. Thankfully, Contacts is now made up of small contact icons, replacing the large bulky ones.

You can now also easily differentiate between applications available for Glass from the applications that are already on your device.

Send Locations to Glass Directly Through Maps

Directly through Google Maps, you can send a location by tapping Share, then selecting the Glass application.

Once sent, you'll receive directions from wherever you currently are to the your shared location, right on your Google Glass.

As Google has yet again opened the Explorer program to the public, this software update is another step towards a wider consumer launch.

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