News: Images Surface of the New Google Glass

Images Surface of the New Google Glass

A new model of Google Glass has appeared on the FCC website, along with a handful of high-res pictures.

There are a couple differences from the initial model released in 2013. The Glass folds up like a normal pair of glasses, which should make storage a little simpler, and it could make the headset a little more forgiving in the event of an accident.

The newest Google Glass will fold up for easier storage. Image by Google/FCC

The pictures on the FCC site make it look like the Glass isn't attached to a frame, so it should be possible to pair the device with any set of glasses. It also looks like the charging port will be magnetic, similar to Apple's MagSafe adapter. A preliminary user manual was also included in the FCC filing.

The inner workings of the newest Glass. Image by Google/FCC

This latest version is likely to be aimed at businesses, which makes sense considering the public's lukewarm reception of the original Glass. The business-oriented Glass, referred to as the "Enterprise Edition," will reportedly ship with an Intel Atom processor, which you'd have to imagine would work much better than the Texas Instruments chip used in the last release—TI shut down its smartphone division and canceled support for those products shortly after Glass launched.

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I have also read about Google Glass earlier. This new product will only available for business purpose only. I wish it would be available for common people too.

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