How To: Mod Google Glass to Work with Your Prescription Frames

Mod Google Glass to Work with Your Prescription Frames

A creative Google Glass Explorer has solved a problem for prescription glasses wearers, as he modded his pair to work with his actual prescription set of glasses.

  1. Take a hex screw driver to the single screw attached to the inside of Glass.
  2. Turn it about three times or until it's reached iyts limit (screw doesn't pop out).
  3. Loosen the frame from the Glass, then pull out the tab on the Glass side of the frame.
  4. Slide the tab of the prescription pair to the back end of the Glass, attaching them to each other.
  5. Align the prescription glasses to the Glass, making sure it fits together.
  6. Lastly, take the hex screw and tighten it three times or until it stops.

Though if you don't want to or are uncomfortable with modding a very expensive set of Glass, you can always get a pair pre-fit with your prescription lens.

Although I have 20/20 vision, the prescription pair seems both sleek and stylish. And if you're already willing to shell out the $1500 for the standard set of Glass, the $1,725 price tag for the prescription pair may not be too much of a stretch.

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