Practical & Silly: 3D Printed Accessories for Google Glass

3D Printed Accessories for Google Glass

Last year, Todd Blatt ran a Kickstarter campaign to make 3D-printed accessories for Google Glass, and has turned it into a company: GlassKap.

Glasskap prints a variety of accessories, such as a lens cap to ensure anyone in public knows you aren't filming them, securing their privacy, to a targeting scope for games—even an accessory to hold a pencil.

To be perfectly honest, Google Glass already looks a bit silly when seen in public, and some of these accessories make the device look even sillier. One of the accessories is a tiny potted plant, and if I may be so bold, I don't see the wearing shrubbery trend catching on anytime soon. Then again, you never know.

Yeesh... Image via WireImage

But what makes technology so beautiful is the ability to customize and innovate, and these accessories seem to do just that. Check out Todd's Kickstarter page (project has already been funded) for more info.

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